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Triathlon Race Day Tips

Racing a triathlon can be a little overwhelming for some. With 3 disciplines and a variety of race distances, below I share with you what I have learned throughout my racing. Enjoy my mini-novel WEATHER – there are things we can’t control on race day and one of them is weather. Yes it could be […]

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I Can’t Live Without My … Garmin 910XT!

With so many high tech gadgets to chose from, finding the right multi-sport watch can be overwhelming at first.  However it’s only a matter of time before you learn the 910XT is indispensable. Considered the benchmark for multisport watches, the 910XT is the complete performance solution for tech-minded, information hungry triathletes.  Indoor swim metrics make it […]

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Finding Inspiration!

End of July and early August is somewhat a bizarre time of year for a lot of athletes. You have a season’s worth of training that produced new heights of fitness or performance, but motivation to continue training – and racing – begins to wane. August is the end of summer, it’s hot and it’s […]

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The Pool is Not Just for Swimming!

Water running can be an injured runner’s playground and is perhaps the safest option for cross-training through many impact-related injuries. Just think of times you’ve treaded water for more than 5 minutes in the ocean; yes it’s monotonous but it is an excellent aerobic workout. The good news about Water Running is that there’s no […]

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