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Kristen Fisher

Lives In: Franklin, TN
Training For: 140.6 Louisville, Oct. 2015
Your motivation before a race : Thinking of all the people that are no longer able to do what I do. I think of family and friends that I have lost or are battling an illness. I think of how lucky I am to have my health.


Josh Wilson

Lives In: James Island, SC
Training For: 2014 James Island sprint series age group champ, beach to battle, and iron man full
Favorite Thing About Competing: Pushing myself to be the best i can be, bringing out that inner fighter!
When I’m Not Exercising: I’m most likely workin.


Lori Mahoney

Lives In: Boston/Denver
Training For: 140.6 Mont Tremblant, 2015
Favorite Thing About Competing: Constantly having new ‘I never thought I could do that’ moments.
Favorite thing about competing: Constantly having new ‘I never thought I could do that’ moments.

Virginia Carter

Lives In: Charleston, SC
Training For: Sweet Tea Half Marathon, eventually a full marathon!
When I’m Not Exercising: I’m … playing with my dogs! They enjoy going on walks and playing at the dog park, as well as snuggling with me on the couch.

Ed Marshal

Lives In: Charleston, SC
Training For: Neusiak 100K, Vermont 100k Ultramarathon and Georgia Jewel 100 Ultramarathon
Goal: Complete a 100 mile ultra marathon and break 3:15 in a marathon.

Catherine Catherine Billings

Lives In: Charleston, SC
Training For:
 2015 Cross Country and Track & Field
Favorite thing about running: It makes me feel my best!  I love how it makes me feel, the energy it gives me and I have so much fun racing.

Carolina ChristensenCaroline Christensen

Lives In: Charleston, SC
Training For: A variety of races!  Everything from a Marathon, 70.3 and the big 140.6 Ironman.
Who inspires you: One of my closest friends, Rachael.

Bill Kanich
Bill Kanich

Lives In: Charleston, SC
Training For: 2015 Olympic Triathlon, James Island Sprint Favorite thing about competing: Participating in races with my two boys!

Isabel Driggers

Lives In: Daniel Island, SC
Training For: Miami 70.3
When I’m Not Exercising: Working or playing with my kids… Or eating!
Favorite thing about competing: The finish line.
My go-to recovery meal: Pizza and ice cream! (Is that bad?)


Bob Walker

Lives In: Charleston, SC
Training For: Health, fitness, well-being, and fun!
Favorite Athlete: My trainer – Lauren Wilson!
Best advice for newbies: Don’t give up – it’s the only thing that REALLY works!
Who inspires you: My wife.

Layne Pavlov

Lives In: Alexandria, VA
Training For: My walk down the aisle….wedding day!  (Someday: an Ironman and a GoRuck)
Favorite thing about competing: The camaraderie among athletes and the contagious motivation everyone has

Allison Kay

Lives In: Raleigh, North Carolina
Training For: To get a sweet body for my wedding in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic in December
Who inspires you: Coach Lauren Wilson!
My theme song is: Moon Trance by Lindsay Sterling …great workout song!

Aimee Miltich Lyst Aimee Miltich Lyst

Lives In: Franklin, TN
Training For: IM 70.3 Chattanooga.
Goal: Complete a Full Ironman in 2015!


Chelsea Walsh

Lives In: Charleston, SC
Training For: To lose weight and fulfilling a healthy lifestyle.
When I’m Not Exercising: I’m most likely with my friends or my pup, Maggie. Definitely finding ways to stay active, but I’m not ashamed to say that I do enjoy my Netflix binge-watching! bytecoin poolessay writersessay writingbook report