Individual Consultants

Invest in yourself and create a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life!
During an individual consultation we will identify your lifestyle challenges, and discuss
your current eating habits and exercise program.

Client: Target
Role: App Design / UI Design / Creative Direction


Based on the goals you would like to achieve, I will work with you to establish an effective program that you can adhere to long-term thereby living your healthiest life.  If you’re in need of a nutrition makeover, I will work with you to create a flexible meal plan that is both easy and cost effective.  Whether your goals are weight-loss or weight-management, your plan will include more appropriate foods to help you feel & look your best.   

Our Sessions & Pricing

Health & Wellness Consultation

  • 15 minute Health & Wellness Consultation:  Free
  • 60 minute Health & Wellness Consultation:  $75


  • 21-day Whole Food Cleanse:   $75
  • 6-week Personalized Nutrition Plan:   $125

Individual Training Session

  • 1 single, 30 minute session: $45
  • 3 single, 30 minute session: $125
  • 5 single, 30 minute session: $200
  • 1 single, 45 minute session: $65
  • 5 single, 45 minute session: $300
  • 10 single, 45 minute sessions: $550

*Group Training Sessions available. Please contact for details


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